Skills Minister Backs TESP

DateFriday December 18, 2015

A key government minister has lent his support to The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP).

Nick Boles MP, Minister of State for Skills, gave TESP his backing in a speech at its Skills Reception at the House of Commons, saying: “The electrotechnical industry has a well-deserved reputation for leading the way when it comes to investing in skills. TESP is a great example of the industry coming together to address the skills challenges facing employers and helping develop solutions that work for businesses and employees.”

TESP Chair Diane Johnson responded: “We’re thrilled that TESP has been supported by such a high-profile figure, someone who is both so crucial to the Government’s apprenticeship ambitions and such a huge supporter of apprenticeships. The partnership was formed to help the industry and the businesses and employees within it, and in our first year we’ve launched a number of projects and initiatives to do just that, which will form the foundation for what we do in the future.”

TESP’s Skills Reception was held to mark the formal of launch its Career Progression Programme, the second phase of its electrical industry career website,, and to mark its first anniversary. While attending the event, the Minister met Ashley Greenhead, who works at Reading-based electrical contractor JR Pridham Services, and was one of the first people to apply to join TESP’s Career Progression Programme.

Sarah Kellard, HR Manager at JR Pridham Services said, “The TESP programme will enable people like Ashley, who are capable of working at the same level as an electrician, to get the help they need to complete their training and attain the gold card they deserve.  With the current skills shortage in our industry, helping these people to become fully qualified electricians can only be a good thing.”