EWA / AM2E inaccuracies in news article

DateThursday December 3, 2020

In the December edition of Professional Electrician magazine, an article entitled ‘AM2 Assessments: What’s the Difference?’ (page 44), which was not written by TESP or NET, contains a number of factually incorrect and misleading statements.

TESP and NET are extremely concerned by these inaccuracies as it would lead to an individual taking a wrong and therefore invalid assessment linked to the Experienced Worker Assessment, or paying for re-assessment unnecessarily. This does not reflect TESP or NET practice, which is to drive appropriate recognition of prior learning, experience and qualifications whilst maintaining a consistent industry standard.

The aim of the Experienced Worker Assessment is to ensure competence through a robust route, which allows those with years of experience who, for various reasons may not have completed their apprenticeship or qualifications in the past, to have full account taken of that experience and not have to jump through hoops unnecessarily and pay out for re-assessment that is not required.

Please note the correct messaging below. We urge people to only reference the NET and TESP websites for up to date information regarding the AM2E and the Experienced Worker Assessment respectively.

Incorrect: “…candidates won’t be able to use the AM2 for the NVQ 2346-03. If candidates hold an AM2 certificate which is less than two years old, they’ll need to complete section A (installation) of the AM2 again and this will include the steel and PVC conduit installation. If the AM2 is more than two years old, the candidate may need to take the entire AM2E as NET may not recognise the existing AM2.

TESP and NET advice: The information above about validity of existing AM2 assessments is incorrect. Please see our FAQ which addresses this issue with the latest guidance.

Incorrect: “If the AM2 was achieved before 2010, then it will not be recognised at all for the 2346-03 and the candidate will need to take the AM2E.

TESP and NET advice:At the time the article was published no decision had been made about AM2 assessments taken pre-2010, so it could not be categorically stated that pre-2010 AM2 was not recognised. Please see our FAQ which addresses this issue with the latest guidance.

Incorrect: “After December 31st, candidates who have already achieved the AM2 will only have the choice of the NVQ 2357 and/or 2346-03. However, some of the older qualifications (2360 etc) don’t fully map over to the NVQ 2357 and as such these candidates may only have the option of the NVQ 2346-03 and will need to take the AM2 in the form of the AM2E.”

TESP and NET advice: An alternative approach for those with older qualifications is under discussion – we have not stated that individuals with older qualifications have to take AM2E.

NET and TESP are continuing to work on developing routes to fully qualified status – for accurate information and the latest guidance please always refer to the NET and TESP websites: