Industry approved training routes now available across the UK

DateFriday May 14, 2021

Electrical Training Routes now available across the UK

The correct paths to becoming a qualified electrician are now available across all four nations of the UK.

First launched in England last year by The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership, over recent months TESP has subsequently worked with partners in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to produce recommended training routes for each country.

The intention of the routes is to help students and career changers to make informed decisions about how to spend their time and money, as there are many electrical qualifications on offer, but not all provide the skills needed by employers or lead to industry-recognised status as an Electrician.

In all nations, the advice given to all is that an apprenticeship is the preferred route into the industry, as it provides the essential work-based experience needed to develop knowledge, skills and competence over a period of time.

In addition to new entrant pathways, the Experienced Worker Assessment route (or ‘Crediting Electrotechnical Competence’ in Scotland) maps out how those with existing electrical skills can be recognised and accredited to the same Level 3 benchmark as the industry apprenticeship.

With these routes now finalised across the UK, TESP is now producing guidance for other sectors to show how skills can be transferred into the electrical industry, such as for those currently in the armed forces.

The TESP training routes will also feed directly into industry’s development of a sector-specific competence framework for individuals undertaking electrotechnical work, in accordance with the post-Grenfell recommendations of Dame Judith Hackett and last October’s ‘Setting the Bar’ report.

“With this next phase of work we can help to ensure that people with transferrable skills, who want to move into our sector, can do so via a recognised, consistent and accredited process,” said Ruth Devine, Chair of TESP and Managing Director of SJD Electrical.

“We are delighted with the response so far to our recommended training routes and hope that other industries consider a similar approach to give clear guidance on the correct qualifications that are needed to become qualified.”

All industry-approved training routes for the electrical industry can be found at