Can overseas work experience count towards the experienced worker qualification?

The practical assessment within the EWA qualification must relate to work carried out in the UK so it can be properly verified and assessed on-site. Any previous overseas work experience cannot be used as credit towards or exemption from the EWA prac …

DateMonday November 29, 2021

Can I just take the Experienced Worker qualification without the AM2E if I want to join a Competent Persons Scheme?

You cannot take the Experienced Worker qualification without the AM2E in order to join a Competent Persons Scheme. The Experienced Worker Assessment process includes AM2E. All the NICIEC / NAPIT schemes now require AM2 in some guise, as per the EAS …

DateTuesday October 5, 2021

I’m not currently working as an electrician but would like my skills recognised. Can I take the EWA?

If you aren’t currently working as an electrician, you are unlikely to be able to complete the EWA’s practical assessments. The EWA is targeted at practising electricians, and the performance assessments have to be based on current, authenticated …

DateWednesday April 14, 2021

I have electrical qualifications from outside of the UK – can I take the Experienced Worker Assessment?

​We have developed a new service with the qualifications recognition body Ecctis (formally known as UK Naric), that will map non-UK electrical qualifications against the specific knowledge requirements of the Experienced Worker Assessment. The serv …

DateFriday January 8, 2021

I have passed the AM2 previously – will I still need to take the AM2E? 

If you are completing the Experienced Worker Assessment and have already passed the AM2, you will only have to undertake a supplementary AM2E unit rather than the whole assessment. The unit to be completed depends on when the original AM2 was passed …

DateFriday December 18, 2020

Can I use a previous Inspection & Testing qualification such as a 2391 when undertaking the EWA?

The Initial Verification qualification and up to date knowledge is a requirement of the EWA. If learners have an existing Initial Electrical Inspection and Testing qualification this may be used to meet the EWR requirements with no need to repeat. Th …

DateThursday December 17, 2020

Why is the Initial Verification unit within the EWA – is this just for JIB Approved Electrician grading?

The Experienced Worker Qualification is not linked in any way to the JIB Grading structure. The Initial Verification unit is there because the EWA has been designed in parity with the electrotechnical apprenticeship, so those on either route are both …

DateWednesday December 16, 2020

Is this the right qualification for me?

The Experienced Worker Assessment is for electricians who have been working in the industry for at least 5 years (not including time spent in full or part time training) but have not formally completed an industry apprenticeship or equivalent Level 3 …

DateFriday June 19, 2020

What is the Skills Scan?

The Skills Scan is designed to determine your eligibility for the Experienced Worker Assessment by helping you understand the depth of knowledge, skill and experience that will be expected to complete the assessment. It’s designed to help you avoid …

DateThursday June 18, 2020

What if this is not right for me?

If you are working in the industry but the Experienced Worker Assessment isn’t right for you at this time due to gaps in your knowledge or experience, don’t give up! It may be you just need a more time or experience in certain areas before you’ …

DateThursday June 18, 2020

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