Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Apprenticeship Standard

Information for Employers

If you’re interested in taking on a FESS Apprentice you can find out more via the following links:

Information for Training Providers

To request a copy of the Guidance Notes for Providers, which contains details on the Standards Matrix, showing the detailed content for each pathway, and the End Point Assessment Occupational Brief, please email

Please note, your contact details will be passed to the apprenticeship development group who may make contact with you.

You can view the Standard and Assessment Plan on the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

Other documents available for download:

Mapping of the Standard against IET Requirements for Engineering Technician
Mapping and APL against C&G Level 2

End Point Assessment (EPA)

The End Point Assessment for the FESS Apprenticeship Standard is available from NET – more information is available on the NET website.

Experienced Worker Assessment

The FESS Experienced Worker Assessment is currently in development and will be available during 2021.

Employer Guide

At the 2020 FESS Apprenticeship Standard Conference, training providers stated it would be useful to have something to communicate with employers at the start of the apprenticeship to explain areas such as pathways, end point assessment, the three-year process and so on. This example Employer Guide has been kindly shared by Banham Academy; you may wish to draw ideas from this document to create your own communication material for employers.