Shaping policy

TESP works with a range of political stakeholders to ensure that changes in the political and legislative landscape supports employers and employees in the electrotechnical industry. Our current priority is to ensure that changes to the apprentice funding system balances the aims of Government with the needs of industry.

Raising standards and promoting professionalism

TESP works with employers to develop and set the training standards for the electrotechnical industry. This includes current and new occupations, and spans entry level through to upskilling and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and includes provision for specialist areas.

Our aim is to ensure there is a coherent and holistic pathway between standards, assessment and accreditation for all electrotechnical professionals regardless of age or experience.

Promoting career opportunities

TESP works with employers and relevant stakeholders to promote careers in the industry and to ensure high-calibre individuals are recruited and retained by the industry to maintain the levels of personnel required.

Our projects include…