The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership‘s guides to choosing a Training or Apprenticeship Provider were launched in October 2015.

Aimed at employers and candidates, the guides cover what factors to consider when choosing an Apprenticeship or Training Provider and what questions to ask potential providers.

Both guides recommended asking who from the industry accredits the provider’s qualifications, whether the provider has external accreditation – and where to find it, the provider’s success rates, and what to look for in terms of the expertise of the provider’s staff. The Apprenticeship Provider guide contains a checklist for employers about what a provider should offer.

TESP has developed these guides in recognition of the significant investment made by employers and learners in training, to help both parties ensure that investment delivers results, and to ensure the process of delivering the training or the apprenticeship is smooth.

Both the Training Provider guide and the Apprenticeship Provider guide  are available to download free of charge.