Industry-Approved Qualifications

Industry Approved Qualifications

There are three main strands to this campaign. First, it’s important to develop improved guidance and information on routes into the industry and which qualifications are recognised or valued, so those paying for training or enrolling on a full-time course understand what they are getting.

The Electrical Careers website is a focal point for this along with our Industry Approved Training Routes.

Secondly, we will be working with the main awarding organisations to review their offer and explore the potential for rationalising qualifications and providing better information for both candidates and training providers. Following the initial analysis, we are already concerned about the proliferation of meaningless qualifications that contain no work-based learning and have no apparent value to the industry.

Finally, we will be engaging directly with some of the training providers, particularly those making reference to ECA, ECS or JIB recognition or affiliation.